Friday, March 16, 2018

My Immune System

My Immune System deserves to be in capital letters - everyone's does - right?  It works so hard and keeps us alive.  Okay mine was working too hard I guess because I got cancer but that's my point.  I need to work with my Immune System now.  It's all about me and my body working together to keep me alive.  Right?  Well that's what I want anyway and from everything I have read and mind you I still don't REALLY understand what the fuck cancer is BUT from what I understand when your body and your Immune System are too overworked then the Immune System can't do it's job and we get sick and get cancer or whatever else our body is trying to fight off but can't.  So.  So what can I do to help my Immune System?  I'm not entirely sure but I am reading this book - I have been reading this book called Radical Remission and it's about people who recovered from cancer after they were told they were going to kick that bucket and/or chose to use something other than conventional methods to get better.  Some people used conventional methods and alternative treatments.  Regardless they survived and they did in ways that are not traditionally used.  What?  Am I making sense?  Here are the things (did I do this already?) that the author found most people did in order to no particular order and everyone did a varying degree of these things (seriously did I write this already!?)...

-Radically changing your diet
-Taking control of your health
-Following your intuition
-Using herbs and supplements
-Releasing suppressed emotions
-Increasing positive emotions
-Embracing social support
-Deepening your spiritual connection
-Having strong reasons for living

All of these combined, in my opinion and from what I understand so far from this book, help the Immune System work and GET RID OF THAT CANCER FOR GOOD.  Okay and what about this?  Those are all great things to do even if you DON'T have cancer - right??  Just now as I was typing this what popped out at me as THE DIFFICULT ONE for me is "Releasing suppressed emotions."  It might as well be in neon lights.  Man that is a hard one for me.  But so what I guess.  It's all about practice right?  I mean that's what I do with the program - I practice.  I practice not picking up a drink or a drug one day at a time.  I can PRACTICE releasing suppressed emotions.  The book talks about letting the emotions wash over us and then go away.  I love that.  For years my therapist has been telling me to let myself feel angry - especially because the world and people can be so enraging.  SO.  So here's an added tool.  I can FEEL the feelings, then release them and let them wash over me.  What?  That sound exhausting no?  FEEL the feelings and let them wash over me and THAT'S the release.  How odd that that seems so much less exhausting.  Anyway it's a great book and I just want to feel better and live better.  Holy shit I reconnected with an old friend who I haven't spoken to in 12 years.  We talked today and it WAS SO NICE.  Life is bonkers man, just nuts.  Just a big old bag of dusty nuts.  But in a really cool way.  WHAT?  Byeeeeeeee.

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